Waste & Recycling Management

Find the Right Vendor & Save Money with Waste and Recycling Management Consulting

When was the last time you audited your company’s waste and recycling management services and processes?

If you cannot remember the last time you have done it (or if you never have), you could be wasting thousands of dollars per year that could be used to grow your business. In a challenging economy that is competitive during both good times and bad, your business needs every bit of efficiency it can get.

At SPEP™, our 7-person consulting team has more than 250 years of experience helping businesses, nonprofits, and governmental organizations identify numerous ways to improve the efficiency of and save money on their waste and recycling management services.

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Helping Your Organization Think Green

…in more ways than one! Not only is being environmentally friendly the right thing to do, but it is also the most economical action to take. You could qualify for tax credits, and you will reduce your waste and the costs associated with removing it.

Out of the many energy consulting practices, why should you choose TES?

We will give you 3 reasons:

1. You get custom solutions – Our consultants talk with you, gain an understanding of your organization, and make their unique recommendation for you. You do not pay for a standard package that may or may not be what you need.

2. Offer a comprehensive service selection – As we talk, it may become clear that you have other areas to improve your efficiency and save money. We will advise you of any additional solutions that may work to your benefit.

3. Only match you with vendors who have your best interests in mind – We have relationships with all major waste and recycling vendors in Texas and many more throughout the nation. We will identify your top concerns and match you with the vendor who addresses them the best.

SPEP™ helps businesses, nonprofits, and governmental organizations like yours identify ways to improve your waste management efficiency, earth-friendliness, and reduce your waste and recycling costs.

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