The Household LED Bulb Replacement Guide

If you’re looking for a bulb that’s going to save energy and that lasts, this LED bulb replacement guide is a great place to get a feel for the type you might need. Other than finding a bulb that fits the socket, has the correct voltage, and meets wattage requirements, there’s no list of rules as to what bulb you should use in a certain fixture. This guide shows that even the same type of fixtures can require or accept different bulb types. LED replacement bulbs are available in a variety of wattages, intensities, voltages, and with different base types; they can even emit different colors of light. You have the freedom to choose a bulb that fits your needs, and there are plenty of available options.

Lamps/Desk Lights

There are LED bulbs for lamps of all sizes, shapes, and types. These LED replacement bulbs are designed not only to cut energy costs but also to significantly outlast traditional incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent bulbs. Whether you need a standard A19 bulb for a table lamp, a candle-type bulb for a decorative lamp, or a PAR16 bulb for a spot lamp, LED replacements are available with a variety of base types to fit every need.

Decorative Lights

Chandeliers, sconces, ornamental fixtures, and pendant lights are only some of the many types of decorative household fixtures that exist. LED replacement bulbs are available to replace outdated, inefficient bulbs in these fixtures. These LED bulbs can be found in almost any size and shape from small CA10 bent-tip and B10 blunt-tip candelabra bulbs to larger G80 globe bulbs with E26/E27 bases.

Ceiling Lights

When it comes to finding an LED replacement for a ceiling light, there are plenty to choose from, and options don’t stop at bulbs; there are LED ceiling light fixtures made to replace entire incandescent fixtures. Though there are many types available, the most commonly thought of ceiling light bulb is an A19 with a standard E26/E27 base. Replacement A19 LED bulbs are available in varying designs from glass filament to frosted styles. They can emit many shades of white light and are even available with RGB LEDs that allow them to emit light of almost any color.

Track Lights

Track light fixtures are found in many homes and allow for aimable illumination exactly where it’s needed. These fixtures almost always contain MR16 or MR11 spotlight bulbs. In addition to track lights, these bulbs are often used in recessed, pendant, display case, and desk light fixtures. MR16 and MR11 LED replacement bulbs have GU10 or GX5.3 bi-pin bases and are available in a wide variety of styles with many LED configurations.

Recessed Lights

Recessed can light and eyeball fixtures are found in millions of homes. Traditionally, they contain either a PAR halogen bulb or a BR incandescent bulb. These bulbs are available in several different sizes, and each type has its own set of features. PAR bulbs are great for spot lighting while BR bulbs typically have wide flood beam patterns and allow for more of a gradual fade of light. LED replacement PAR and BR bulbs have those same features but with increased energy efficiency and longer life spans. If you want to get away from the idea of replacing bulbs altogether, you can easily replace your entire fixture with one of many types of recessed LED fixtures.

Basement Lights and Garage Lights

A lack of windows increases the need for quality lighting in basements and garages. Common fluorescent or incandescent bulbs can be replaced with LED T8 tubes, corn light bulbs, panel light fixtures, workbench lights, or J-box ceiling light fixtures. Unlike fluorescent fixtures that emit light with a yellow-green hue, these LED replacement bulbs and fixtures have higher color-rendering indexes (CRI), which is the key to showing the true colors of objects and surroundings. They emit crisp, clear illumination, and you won’t have to worry about replacing them for a very long time.

Porch Lights and Spotlights (Outdoor Fixtures)

LED replacement bulbs and fixtures are great alternatives for porch lights, post lights, security lights, and spot lights. There’s no set bulb that fits every type of outdoor lighting fixture. For example, a porch light might be capable of holding any bulb with an E26/E27 base, which means that it’s up to you if you want to install a standard A19 LED bulb, a G30 bulb, an ST18 bulb, or any other LED bulb type—so long as the bulb is the correct voltage and there’s adequate space for it. Some fixtures, however, are designed for specific bulb types. Because of their shape and spot beam patterns, PAR bulbs are going to be the best fit for security lights. You can do away with bulbs altogether by purchasing a complete LED fixture.

Vanity Lights (Bathroom Fixtures)

Vanity lights don’t always hold globe bulbs. In fact, these fixtures could require any type of bulb with any base type from B10 bulbs with candelabra bases to G9 LED bulbs with bi-pin bases. LED replacement bulbs are available in numerous color temperatures, styles, and intensities to suit any bathroom or vanity light fixture.

Under-Cabinet Lights

The last place you need poor lighting is the kitchen. In addition to emitting brighter light, replacing a fluorescent under-cabinet fixture with a linear LED light bar, under-cabinet fixture, or strip light will also eliminate annoying flickering and delayed on-times. If you’re content with your fixture and simply want to upgrade its bulb, there are many LED options to choose from.

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