Commercial Energy Options

No matter what the size of your company – from small “Mom and Pop” establishments to multi-location industries across the country, SPEP™ can help you save money, time and provide you with our worry-free service.

We’re here to balance both your current energy usage and your future needs to find the plan that’s right for your company. The energy market is becoming increasingly more complex and it is our job to manage that information so you don’t have to. We are completely independent and our loyalty is to the client. We will get you the best possible contract, with the best possible terms from the supplier, manage that contract, help you purchase Renewable Energy Credits if desired, and best of all – our services are completely paid for by the energy supplier you choose! No hidden fees; no out-of-pocket expenses!

For Commercial Energy Options – contact us!

green-building-commercialTo begin, we will help you evaluate your current needs, the supplier options available to you in your area, create an analysis for you, help you compare all options and walk you through the whole process.

To learn more about deregulation or get started with your SPEP™ Energy Plan, email us with any questions, or simply complete the Letter of Authorization below, mail or email it back to us to find the SPEP™ Energy plan and let the savings begin!

Letter of Authorization (LOA):

In order to analyze your usage requirements, the previous twelve months of actual usage is necessary and the following documents give SPEP™ the ability to obtain your usage information from your local Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP). These documents in no way obligate you to execute or bind you in an agreement.

pdf-icon(PDF) Letter of Authorization
PDF Icon(PDF) Client Representation Agreement

Find out how much you could be saving today!  Start by sending us a copy of your current utility bill(s) – CLICK HERE

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