Who We Serve

The question you are really asking is, “Who can benefit from SPEP™ energy consulting services?”

The simple answer: any homeowner or organization who is unhappy with their monthly energy bill.

Specifically, we help these main categories of individuals and organizations:

  • Private Businesses – Manufacturing companies, white-collar offices, restaurants.
  • Public Service Organizations – Governmental agencies, public schools, and school districts.
  • Nonprofit Organizations – Private schools, churches, and community service agencies.
  • Residential Homeowners – We stand up for the little guy too.

If you need help reducing your energy costs, potentially saving hundreds of dollars per month, contact us today!

SPEP™ Initiates a Bidding War to Help You Get the Best Price

Have you ever had companies fighting one another hand over fist to earn your business?

It is a great feeling when you are the center of attention, right?

That is precisely what we do for you – initiate a bidding war for REPs to earn the right to provide you with affordable energy service. We follow a six-step process to make that happen:

  1. Project definition – Our experienced consultants meet with you to determine your energy needs and discuss the current difficulties you face.
  2. Submit a proposal for evaluation – You must sign a letter of authorization so we can evaluate your power usage history.
  3. We pull your history – Once you agree, our experienced energy consultants pull your usage and analyze the findings.
  4. Plan presentation and indicative pricing – After we perform the analysis, we will discuss with you a customized energy plan that best meets your needs, along with a pricing indication.
  5. Bid submission to REPs – We have relationships with all major REPs in Texas. Your energy load will be submitted to several providers who focus on providing service that meets your needs.
  6. Contract signing and recommendations – As each provider offers a bid, we tell them what other providers are offering. Although we cannot guarantee the price you will pay, this bidding war helps drive prices down even farther.

Enjoy the Savings

All you have to do from this point is enjoy the savings. But, remember they do not end with the bidding war. We offer a comprehensive selection of energy consulting services.

During our discussions, we may uncover additional ways you could save money on your energy bills.

If you would like to experience those savings, contact us today!

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