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For more information or to request permission to use content from our site, please contact us by sending an e-mail to “office (at)” or call (949) 751-8190.

Permissions or approvals for use of our content are not necessarily difficult to obtain. Our policy regarding requests for permission has been developed from our experiences in recent years, including our desire to provide some content for use by our distributors and wholesalers, or by other organizations and individuals whose relationship to us results in mutual benefits from approved uses of our content. Our policy also reflects the fact that there has existed unauthorized use of our content. Our intent as grantors thereby both is to thwart unauthorized use(s) and to encourage authorized use(s) by accepting requests for permission to use our content.

Permissions and/or approvals we grant are typically content specific, i.e., pertaining only to certain types and amounts of content, and may contain limitations relating to the intended purposes for which we have approved use by the grantee. Permissions or approvals also may contain limitations or restrictions regarding the amount of content that may be used (e.g., typically a maximum of 250-500 words) and/or that the content approved for use be specifically altered or modified (e.g., in order to avoid exact duplication of our content or to make the content appropriate to the context in which it will be used).

Most permissions or approvals we grant stipulate that conspicuous credit be given to our site, our company, and/or to our writers, and that link(s) to the sources and/or source page(s) from which the approved content is drawn be placed conspicuously by the grantee on the pages or other locations that will or are intended to contain or otherwise display the content we have approved for use.

In no case shall content be used without our permission. Permissions or approvals to use our content may be denied or revoked at any time and for any reason, as deemed appropriate by us or our agents. Use of our content without permission and/or failure to comply with our policies and/or applicable copyright law may constitute grounds for legal action. We and/or our agents will pursue actions necessary to protect our content from unauthorized use(s), and these actions include prosecution of violators to the full extent of the law.

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