Get Recognized on SPEP™


Among its many projects, the EPSP hosts the nationally-renowned Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency. The data found is used by both citizens and industry across the country and beyond, and is quoted in many national publications.

The EPSP now offers sponsors the opportunity to be recognized. EPSP’s sponsors featured on the “Incentives by State” web page will have a unique opportunity to reach potential customers and partners in all sectors of the energy market.

EPSP is viewed by approximately 10,000 to 20,000 unique visitors per day to include electricity consumers, equipment installers and contractors, public utilities, policymakers, and others every month. EPSP’s user base is already interested in clean energy technologies. Users viewing EPSP are researching the incentives and tax credits associated with installing renewable or efficiency equipment and products. EPSP – recognized sponsors will connect themselves with a respected public resource for information about policies and incentives for renewable energy and energy efficiency.

EPSP will feature up to five sponsors on the SPEP™ website. For $5,000, each sponsor will have the opportunity to have their organization logo featured prominently for six months on the Incentives by State page, linking to their website. Recognition opportunities on the EPSP homepage are first-come, first served.

For more information or to sponsor, please contact Sponsorship Services by phone at (949) 751-8190, or by email at: sponsorship (at) singlepointenergypros.com.

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