About SPEP™

Since 1993 SINGLE POINT ENERGY PROS (SPEP™) has been a leader in the energy savings/energy services industry. We provide a broad range of energy solutions, including site-specific engineering analysis and project design, implementation of energy conservation, power generation, energy storage (thermal and electrochemical), retrofit, new construction, energy supply, and risk management.

Energi Pros

SPEP being a premier and unique Energy Services Company, our value proposition is strong and simple: we capture wasted energy and gross inefficiencies and place a monetary value on what we capture.
SPEP then uses that value to enhance your bottom line and reduce your carbon footprint.

We begin with a free energy waste analysis.  “Free” means free.  Our goals: increase the value of your facility/property and enhance your operating profit through the delivery of the most current and proven energy management and co-generation technologies.

SPEP clients have innovative financing methods available for project fulfillment.  In every case, we work to make sure post installation energy expenses – including technologies – is equal to OR less than energy expenses before we perform our work.  Long range energy reductions of 35-50%+ are possible.  In some cases, we can take a client completely off the energy grid.  Traditional equipment leases and off balance sheet solutions are among the finance tools available.

SPEP operates nationwide, helping clients improve their energy performance through Lighting, Water, HVAC, Controls, Energy Management Systems (EMS) and Power Factor Correction state of the art Energy Storage, solar, wind, passive geothermal – commercial and utility scale. We offer reliable, high-yield and profitable alternatives that are especially tailored to our customer energy needs.



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