PACE Near You

Where is PACE available? Find a PACE program near you.

PACE programs offer long-term private financing for renewable energy and energy efficiency upgrades to homes and businesses. PACE-enabling legislation is active in 33 states plus D.C., and PACE programs are now active (launched and operating) in 19 states plus D.C. Residential PACE is currently offered in California, Florida, and Missouri with more coming in the near future.

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List of PACE Programs by States
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StatusCoverageStateResidential / commercial
Funded projectsFayettvilleARCommercial
Launched programNorth Little RockARCommercial
Funded projectsMany cities and countiesCAResidential and commercial
Funded projectsMany cities and countiesCAResidential and commercial
Funded projectsMany cities and countiesCAResidential and commercial
Funded projectsSan FranciscoCACommercial
Funded projectsMany cities and countiesCACommercial
Funded projectsLos Angeles CountyCACommercial
Funded projectsPlacer County and Folsom cityCAResidential and commercial
Launched programSeveral cities and countiesCAResidential and commercial
Funded projectsSonoma CountyCAResidential and commercial
Launched programMany cities and countiesCAResidential
Funded projectsMany cities and countiesCAResidential and commercial
Funded projectsBoulder CountyCOCommercial
Funded projectsStatewideCTCommercial
Funded projectsWashington, D.C.DCCommercial
Funded projectsAny municipality in FLFLCommercial
Funded projectsAny municipality in FLFLResidential and commercial
Funded projectsSeveral cities and countiesFLResidential and commercial
Funded projectsSt. Lucie CountyFLCommercial
In developmentAtlantaGAResidential and commercial
Funded projectsStatewideKYCommercial
Launched programMultiple CountiesMDCommercial
Launched programMontgomery CountyMDCommercial
Funded projectsAnn ArborMICommercial
Funded projectsMany cities and countiesMICommercial
Funded projectsMany cities and countiesMNCommercial
Funded projectsWorthington, MNMNCommercial
Funded projectsMany cities and countiesMOResidential and commercial
Funded projectsSt LouisMOCommercial
Funded projectsMultiple citiesMOCommercial
Launched programAny municipality in NHNHCommercial
In developmentAny municipality in NJNJCommercial
Funded projectsAny municipality ex NYCNYCommercial
Funded projectsSW OhioOHCommercial
Funded projectsCounty DistrictOHCommercial
Launched programMultnomah County (Portland)ORCommercial
Launched programStatewideRICommercial
Funded projectsMultiple cities and countiesTXCommercial
Funded projectsStatewideUTCommercial
In developmentVirginiaVACommercial
Funded projectsMilwaukeeWICommercial

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