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Did you know US businesses and individuals waste $130 Billion per year on energy?

This statistic is according to a 2009 report by McKinsey & Company. Further, US businesses also:

  • Allow $2.8 billion in waste annually to power idle PCs, according to a 2009 PC Energy Report
  • Waste 30% of the energy, in the case of commercial buildings, according to the US Department of Energy
  • Commit themselves to energy efficiency (nearly 2/3 do so), but very few companies actually make energy efficiency improvements, according to a Deloitte survey named resources 2012

If your business isn’t doing everything possible to make its energy use as efficient as can be, then you are missing out on a huge competitive advantage!

Just think – most businesses are committed to energy efficiency, but only a minority follows through on it.

That means by taking action, your business could step right ahead of the competition before they even know what is going on.

If you are ready to take charge and propel your business ahead of the pack, contact us today!

If Your Organization Has a Physical Location, We Can Help You Reduce Your Energy Costs

When was the last time you analyzed your energy usage?

Have you ever done it?

If you have not, then you could be costing yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month that could be used to help your organization grow or provide better service.

At SPEP™ Energy Services we help organizations and businesses of all varieties reduce their energy consumption and negotiate lower prices and more flexible contract terms. We serve the following business types:

  • Manufacturing
  • Storage and Distribution
  • Technology
  • Oil & Gas
  • Hospitals
  • White collar/commercial offices

If your business has not analyzed its power usage to determine its maximum efficiency, then you might be needlessly wasting precious capital that could be used to accelerate growth.

Contact us to learn how we can help you reduce your energy costs.

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